Glasgow for me today,

my first piece of the day was the start of a cover up. It’s a collaboration with Roz, she is lasering an old piece to help us put a rose over it. I’ve lined and roughly shaded the rose, and Roz will then laser the bits that are still visible. She can be fairly precise with the lasering, but when it’s all nice and lightened, I’ll tidy up any lines and shading to finish the piece.

then thatrick had an appointment to get more done to his tiger backpiece. Instead of doing black and grey (I’d just spent the appointment before him shading black and grey) I decided to go for some colour for this session. usually I finish the black and grey before I move onto colour, but there’s no real pressing reason for this, so I got the colours out, ha!

I read a great review for my customer and our website man Hubby in the metro today, his music is wonderful and I love to read about him in the paper!

Speaking of talented customers, a big congratulations from all at tribe to Kenny Anderson on his win on saturday!

check out this great photo to see an (…unfinished…) sleeve of lilies getting raised in victory!


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