I hope you all had a pleasant weekend sunning yourselves! Erik and my first customer Jamie looked a bit pink, but luckily the part of jamie’s arm i was tattooing was unaffected.

We’d started a piece a while ago and finally got round to finishing it off, ready for the next bit, once jamie has decided how he wants to continue (I think there’s going to be the head of a geisha in the gap that’s left, but who knows, things change!  😆 )


Chris came down from Aberdeen to make a decent start on his koi piece, he’d booked a 4hr session, plenty of time to get stuck in. I like 4hr session, it gives you a real sense of achievement when you step back and see how much got done.

Chris’ star sign is Pisces and he wanted two koi (one evil, one happy) in a Pisces type of circle on his forearm, luckily he’s got pretty big arms, otherwise it might have been a bit of a squeeze. He’s wanting it as bright a possible, so I’m going for blue water and red/ orange/ yellow fish, with cherry blossoms in pink. It’s going to take your eye out when it’s done  😈

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