a beautiful sunny day in the weege! I’d better stop mentioning the weather, apart from that it’s apparently lame in journalistic terms, but it might also jeopardise the little bit of warm weather we’re having. It can turn as easy as that…

joining me on the journey to the Wild West was Roz, we spent the day in the company of Bru, Tim, Simon and Maggie, who was standing in for Mark.

Mary was in to make a start on her half backpiece. this is only the second time I’ve been asked to do half a back, I like it, It’s different!

we drew it on after a compositional sketch I’d worked out with mary at the consultation, and we got the outlines done. Mary did struggle with some parts of the lining, specially over the hip, but any wibbly lines will be buried in the shading at a later date anyway, so no harm done
yes, that is a wee pokemon/ bunny thing sitting in a lotus at the bottom, I forget it’s name, but it’s a star in anime films apparently 😀

Ian was also in, getting his tattoo finished off…finally! He got caught out in the winter weather in december and couldn’t make it in for his appointment, and we had to reschedule his booking. Unfortunately he had to join the back of the queue which meant a 6 month wait.

However, now it’s done, he’s got some nice pink orchids and the foo dog finally has the yellow in his fur that was missing


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