Glasgow with the usual crew today, and some extra excitement,,, there was a big drugs bust a few doors down on Bank St, someone had been gardening three floors of marijuana in one of the town houses!  😯
Wouldn’t you be able to smell something like that? maybe that’s why they got busted…

luckily our thatrick wasn’t involved, he was there for his appointment to get the rest of his back started.
He’s been a big fan of Steven’s tiger from a couple of years ago, and today we outlined one just for him. I’d designed a composition that was quite different to Steven’s backpiece but had the elements that appealed to thatrick, dragon, muscley tiger and some water with koi.

we got it drawn on and outlined today, even started on some basic shading. I like a good 4 hr session!

there was time left in the day to finish off what we didn’t get round to doing on sean’s chinese 3/4 sleeve. This is based on an antique chinese opium pipe and the designs on it, we copied the design where we could, but had to make some adjustments to make the whole thing fit on his arm
we will be adding a grey shaded background to it at a later date

  1. raffaella says:

    I love the tiger,Morag!!!

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