tuesday 28th june

Posted: 30/06/2011 in Uncategorized

we had our Christmas night out on sunday, we went to the Sheep Heid pub in Duddingston where they have one of the old original victorian skittle alleys, it was so much fun! Today we were all moaning about having sore muscles from carrying the big heavy bowling balls about and having to pick up the skittles and put them back by hand….us tattooists aren’t used to that kind of hard work  😆

Actually, having a christmas night out in summer is fun, drinking in the beer garden in the sun, more like Christmas in Australia!

So, tribe 3 today, with Erik, Alex and laura, and a quite different day of tattooing for me.
First up was vegan Sheena, I like tattooing fellow vegans.

Sheena was getting a tattoo with her 18 year old son’s name in it, sweet  😀 we also went over the lines and colour in some of the old tattoo above the new addition

then dawn got the roots of a tree on her back. We did them in dot work,  to give the design some added interest and delicateness.
Dawn is concerned about taking the tattoo above her collar line for now and wants to keep it ‘respectable’ for her job, but there will be more to this design, including little leaves falling. I’ll wait until Dawn feels a bit less respectable hehe..

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