saturday 25th june

Posted: 26/06/2011 in Uncategorized

strange day at Tribe 3 for me, my first customer showed up as planned, we did the tattoo and then I waited for the next one. Unfortunately Mark phoned us from Glasgow and said my customer had rocked up there for her appointment…. english isn’t her first language, so we think something might have got lost in translation! We were going to start a half backpiece. oh well, that’s now been delayed.

I got some well over due maintenance done on my tattoo equipment while I waited for my consultation to come in early instead of at the end of the day, and then left early! What a part timer  😆

My customer who did show up was dean, we finished the bulk of the black and grey on his piece today, colour is next!

tomorrow we are having the Tribe Christmas night out. No, we’re not making some kind of ‘anti Christmas’ statement or being ‘krazee’ by having it 6 months late, we’re just a bit pathetic at organising ourselves, and it’s taken us this long to get it together. embarrassing!

  1. John Lindsay says:

    Very similar to what I’m looking for. Amazing work. How do I go about getting a consultation and appointment with yourself??


    • morag66 says:

      hi john, get in touch with the studio and book yourself in for a consultation. If you’re not local, we can possibly do a ‘virtual’ consultation by email, depending on what you’re after, if it’s a cover up or anything like that

  2. John Lindsay says:

    Ok cool I’m in Armadale so not far, My mate Eric has a piece by yourself a dragon on his upper arm & I think your doing a piece also for his wife. he recommended you so I’ll get in ASAP as can’t keep putting it off

    Cheers J

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