tribe 1 today, with Rob, George and Tiddy,

my first customer of the day was Javier, he had a memorial tattoo he wanted on his shoulder. His two brothers were killed in a plane crash, and the older one Rama, had a tattoo on his shoulder that Javier wanted to base his piece on. We looked through photos of Rama and some video footage taken when Rama got his dragon tattoo done to get an idea of the position and look of it, and drew Javier’s tattoo on with this in mind.
Javier’s tattoo is not identical to Rama’s, as Rama’s tattoo incorporated a few existing pieces, but we took elements to show a family resemblance between the dragons.

there will be some colour and black shading added next time

the Lynsey stopped by to get a japanese fan tattooed, with cherry blossoms, pretty!  😀

just found this website, featuring ‘ladies who ink’, myself included  😀

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