tuesday 21st june

Posted: 23/06/2011 in Uncategorized

today is the longest day of the year, and probably the wettest, too…. I don’t normally moan about the weather in Scotland, I’m aware that our location isn’t very promising in that respect, but come on! Where’s our summer??

Raffi has returned to Italy for a week’s worth of sunshine, who can blame her.

Joining me in Tribe 3 today were laura and Alex, and our customers who came in looking like drowned rats, poor buggers.

I started two big pieces today, the first one was a continuation of a dragon tattoo by another artist, my job was to make it into a sleeve.
Scott had picked a picture of a japanese samurai warrior and wanted me to base the tattoo around that, the message being that the warrior was the protector of his family. The family is represented here by a mother and son, and the warrior’s cape surrounds them protectively.
scott is a body guard by trade, and he also looks after his chronically ill wife and their son, so this tattoo fits him perfectly.

it will be mostly black and grey with some bright reds in the cape and possibly some other colours here and there if we decide it would look good.

then mark took the leap and got his backpiece started, it’s gong to be the biggest dragon I’ve ever done, and will cover his whole back. yeah!

we started with the head, next we will outline the rest of the piece and then go filling it in in sections


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