friday 17th june

Posted: 17/06/2011 in Uncategorized

down at tribe 3 today, and the day started off with a meeting with the salesman from the yellow pages. (Ian, I tattooed a koi on him a few months ago) I’ve decided to shrink down our very expensive adverts in the yellow pages, because really, who still uses the book? Don’t we all just go online when we want to look something up?
We’ve got a new website in the pipeline, and will concentrate on the old internet for spreading the good word more from now on. we’ll keep a small box open in the yellow pages with our detail so that people can still find us that way, but nothing elaborate.
times are changing..

after Ian i had Simon in the chair, we are working on his first cover-up, he’d had lasering done to break up the shape of the old tattoos, but there was still some green and grey here and there, so we’ve covered it with some nice ‘aqua-mech’ as Erik has called it  😀
the forearm is next

then Kenny was back after a couple of months, we made a start on shading the lilies we outlined last time. We’d also got some background shading in already, so now we’ll concentrate on the flowers themselves. oh, and we his 4 wee names in his sleeve  😉


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