tuesday 14th june

Posted: 16/06/2011 in Uncategorized

just me and Tiddy in Tribe 3 today, Erik, Laura AND Alex were off after the Gwar gig last night, still trying to get red fake blood off themselves no doubt!

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the temporary tattoos I designed, three of them, and they were for the  Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. These people have finally decided to get into the ‘tattoo’ connection and run with the theme, I’m surprised it took them so long. maybe they thought our type of tattoos were just a little too plebby to be connected with, but oh, how things change…..  😀

here they are, they’re tiny by the way, very cute. I get my name on the back of the packs, so that’s good advertising!

onto my tattooing, Barry got his water and flower sleeve finished today, yay! the top bit was done by another artist, but by bringing colour into the top flowers and continuing the theme all the way down we were able to make the two parts of his sleeve flow together

Also had Coco in, we popped some of the colour into the flames we outlined last time.
I’m doing a charity tattoo hour every month where I donate the proceeds of one hour of tattooing to a charity, and this month I’ve decided to pick Coco’s piece.
The theme of his tattoo is torture and all the gruelling things humans are capable of inflicting, so the charity I have chosen to donate to this month is the Dr Hadwen Trust, a charity concerned with funding alternatives to animal testing.
check out their website, the work they do is revolutionary and inspiring



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