friday 10th june

Posted: 16/06/2011 in Uncategorized

sunny southside and Tribe 1 for me, working with Rob, George and Tiddy. Rob was in a good mood because he’s going to see John Cleese tonight, as he was getting ready to leave I watched him do up his cuffs and smiling to himself in the mirror… life’s good  😀

Heidi was my first customer, she was after a 4 elements 1/2 sleeve, and she liked the Japanese type of artwork, just my thing in other words! In fact all my pieces today were large Japanese style tattoos, and I’m slowly specialising more and more in this style, and loving it.
My blogs used to be more interesting to read when i had lots of different styles on the go, now it’s all ‘continuation of koi sleeve’ etc, but I’m afraid that’s not only going to stay like that, it’s going to get less and less varied as I travel down the Japanese path.

so, Heidi liked the idea of a volcano for the fire, wind and cherry blossoms fluttering by for the element of air, water as in a river, and some rocks and a couple of trees for the earth. We’ve also got the section on the underside of the arm to complete with more water and earthy landscape.

what I did today is still fairly basic, I will add detail and finish shading as we go along, plus the water will have some blues and the lava some reds

Erik got the last of his dragon piece done, some of the clouds needed finishing off.
His idea was to have a light and airy feel to his piece, so i had to hold back with the heavy shading that I’m used to doing! I like the blues in this piece, he wanted blue as it’s the colour of his baby daughter’s birth stone. We did the flames in blue, too, ha!

then another piece got finished off (for now, a dragon extension over the shoulder is planned next), David’s koi cover-up 3/4 sleeve

should have taken a video of this one! well, he’ll be back


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