wednesday 8th june

Posted: 10/06/2011 in Uncategorized

Glasgow today, working with Mark, Tim, Simon, Raffi and Bru, the italian girls were at a tattoo convention in Ireland over the weekend, so we had photos to inspect  😀

Drew was in to get more of his tiger sleeve done, we had hoped to finish it today, but under estimated how long we’d need and ended up not getting the teal put in the water as we had hoped.

I’ve taken the usual (bad) photos, but also decided to do an animal experiment, the animal being the tiger of course, not Drew….
I took a video of the sleeve so that i can actually show you all the way round for a change.
tell me what you think!

next up was a fixer-upper, two other artists had been working on a japanese 1/2 sleeve and it just didn’t work. The finish on top of the arm was poor as was the quality of the shading, apart from the slightly cobbled together design.
Some things we can’t change, but we could add to the top and fix up the shading where possible. basically this piece is getting pretty much redone, now that we’ve fixed the shading, the colours look weak, so he’ll be in for that next time



after one sitting


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