tuesday 7th june

Posted: 10/06/2011 in Uncategorized

no blog for saturday, as I didn’t do any work! I went through to Glasgow with Roz and Alex as usual, expecting to do a day’s work, but my customer never showed up. He’d phoned to say he might be a bit late, but in fact didn’t come in at all, it’s a bit odd. I hope he’s ok. I hung around for a couple of hours waiting for him, but his phone went straight to voicemail and i got the impression I’d been stood up…
By that time I was quite enjoying having time off, even the less than glamorous (and never ending) cleaning that needs done in a tattoo studio seemed kind of fun- and i got to hang about at the desk talking rubbish with the others for a change  😀

We had the new girl Maggie in on reception for half the day, she’s learning the ropes and will be standing in for mark when he needs time off. here she is with Alex and Roz, doesn’t she look well at home behind the counter?

Onto today, I was in Tribe 3 with Erik, Alex and Laura, and my customer for the day, Lisa.
Lisa is getting a large traditional dragon on her leg, we got the dragon done today but the background of clouds will have to wait til next time


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