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It’s been a bit of a mad weekend, and I’m now working in Hamburg, at the Jungbluth studio in St Pauli, the same studio I did a day’s work in last year. I enjoyed it back then and Charly the owner was keen to have me back, so we arranged for me to do a week long guest spot, and this is it now.

The studio is really nice and the people are a lot of fun, easy to get along with, which is alway a bonus in a working environment! I’ll take some photos during the week to show you what it looks like, or maybe I’ll even try and shoot a video and post it on youtube! check me, moving with the times haha!

There’s a bit of a mix up with the photos from the last few days, I’ve forgotten the cable that connects to the camera, so there are two tattoos missing from the line up, the rest were photographed with my phone and can be uploaded.
I worked on an angel tattoo on saturday back in Edinburgh, and on monday here in Germany I did a voodoo koala bear in a tree, I’ have to post the photos of those two up when I get back.
Also on saturday I put some more colour in Amy’s leaves

Then onto my Hamburg adventure, monday’s voodoo koala to follow, and tuesday started off with a bit of flash.
I was expecting the receptionist to book me quite a bit of flash, as I was coming over to ‘help out’ as it were, meaning to muck in with whatever needs done. As it turns out this piece is the only one that isn’t what I’d normally be doing back home, the rest of my appointments are for freehand pieces that I’ll love doing 🙂

Having said that, I don’t mind doing the odd bit of flash, which brings me to something I’ve been meaning to tell youse about, my monthly charity tattoo.
This is something I’m starting, every month I’ll do a bit of flash, something small that can be done in an hour, and the proceeds will go to a charity. As you probably know, I’m interested in animal welfare, so the charities I chose will be reflect that, and the person who gets the tattoo will be able to chose one from a list that I’m going to put together.
If you are interested in a small piece of flash from me, get in touch with Roz or Laura, this should be fun and for a good cause  😀

So, I’m going to donate the profits from this piece to charity, and this month’s charity is the sharkproject, it’s a german charity that the owner of the studio here, Charly, is involved in and feels passionately about.
I agree wholeheartedly with him, countless sharks are killed for their fins alone, a cruel waste of life and a danger to the eco system of the oceans.
The charity’s website is in german, so I’ve found a UK equivalent if you’d like more information about the work they do

the charity tattoo was a small winged wolf piece, she’d designed it herself and it symbolised the two halves of her youth, one spent with an abusive father, the other with a loving mother after a custody battle. She feels she has come to terms with her past now and is sealing it with a tatto that includes the chinese symbol for strength.

then I did a freehand phoenix tattoo, this was a lot of fun and Nina the customer was a lovely girl who suits her new tattoo!

friday 13th may

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happy friday 13th, all!

I spent most of mine in Tribe 1, with Rob, George and Tiddy, I’m only in that studio once a fortnight, but I really enjoy Tribe 1 and the Southside with all it’s shops and characters  😀

Phil was last in for work in November, sometimes life does that to you and you just don’t get the time. I’m not sure when I’ll see him again, so i concentrated on the larger fields of colour and left any detailing to next time.
sorry about the blood, it’s making the blues look black! oops, shoulda wiped it off

then i started a sleeve on steven, we’d originally planned on outlining a half sleeve on the forearm, as the tiger’s head was going to get lasered and we were going to get to the upper arm later. In the meantime Steven had decided he’d like to keep the tiger’s head, so i suggested we add a body and have the tiger wading through the water.
I hope his wife isn’t mad with me, as this is going to be quite a bit more work than anticipated  😆
I drew on the design and luckily we had enough time to line it all

at the end of the day i had Nikki in to get a couple of bits touched up on her cherry blossom piece. As we weren’t going to be long, she agreed to stay sitting up instead of lying down, and that was great for me. The skin was stretched nice and tight and i could get a good look at the design and how it had healed. Ideally the customer should really be sitting up and leaning forward to get this part of the body tattooed, but if fainting and dizziness is a problem, obviously that isn’t an option

sorry for the blurry picture here

wednesday 11th may

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glasgow day for me, joined in Tribe 2 by Mark, Tim, Simon,Raffi, and later on by our new girl Maggie!
Maggie is set to be our new relief receptionist, taking over when mark is away or busy with other things like taking care of the body piercing side of things. We’ve needed another receptionist in T2 for a while, Tim used to step in when needed, but now he’s getting busy with tattooing so he’s not so up for it. maggie is used to a busy reception job, she works part time in A&E in the hospital on reception, so she’s well equipped to deal with anything you guys can throw at her  😆

John and his babylonian backpiece got more work done to the hanging garden that we started at the tattoo convention, this will be repeated on the other side of his back with the pool turning into a small waterfall through the middle

and the lovely Hazel got her cover up finished, this will grow up and over her shoulder a bit, and down her back at a later date

tuesday 10th may

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Alex, Erik and my first customer Chick were suffering from bad hay fever today, must have been something potent in the air, poor buggers.
Laura and me were fine, and Roz seemed to be unencumbered by any sort of allergies, too. I’m not being sexist here, but that’s all the proof I need that women are made of sterner stuff, ha.  😀

Chick battled through the appointment, propped up by the odd cuppa provided by a gracious laura, and we managed to get a fair bit done. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a photo of the piece we spent most the time one, his dragon backpiece! We popped some shadows in and made it stand off the skin, but you’ll have to wait until next time to see it, sorry.
We also did a wee bit of facelifting on an old piece on his arm, a particular type of scottish warrior, the name of which escapes me, even though i asked at least twice what they were called (may be going senile, but at least I’ve not got hay fever)

Chick has been on tour in Germany with his band Saor Patrol, where his chainmaille tattoo has had many admirers. tattooists up and down germany will hate me if they get asked to copy it haha!

Then our George had the last session done on his water sleeve, apart from a finishing session in a few weeks where we attend to any bits that may need it. I can’t believe how fast this piece came together!

saturday 7th may

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Roz, Alex and me hopped in the car and went to Glasgow, joining Mark, Tim and Simon for a lovely sunny day- until about 6pm when the rain came down in biblical proportions.
But up until then it felt positively summery, sun streaming in the shop, Mark played the Beach Boys, everyone was happy

the first of my two customers today was Gemma, we finished off her flower piece. One of the flowers needed darkening a bit to give us three distinct shades, after the last session the top one had settled to look a bit too similar to the middle one, so i went over some it with a light grey. We also finished of the tendrils

then more flowers  😀
tristan’s backpiece is coming along, this is now most of the colour done, just the kimono to finish off. The background will be kept in black and grey, we will be adding a simple receding landscape to the piece to give it depth

friday 6th may

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Tribe 3 today, with laura, Erik, Roz and Alex, Tiddy and george popped in at the end of the day for a natter, too, great to see everyone again.  😀

On my way to work I spotted this  😆 how cool is that?

Barry was in first, we are working on some blue waves to add to an existing piece at the top of his arm. We’ve finished the blue (for now, might pop some more in here and there once it’s all done and I’ve had a good look at the finished piece).
the cherry blossoms will all be pink.
I love doing this water type of stuff, specially in blue, although I love i in black and grey, too. My water is taking on a life of it’s own, going from being backgrounds to koi and dragons, etc, it seems to be evolving into something more structural and graphic. I love it, Erik reckons we should call it ‘aquamech’, a mixture between water and biomech  😆

Then i started a new sleeve and chest piece. dean wanted a quite traditional japanese tattoo, lots of heavy black and red, repetitive patterns and wind bars.
I tried to stick to the brief as much as possible, repressing my aquamech urge to go free style and 3D with the background, and hopefully came up with something more traditional looking., or it will be once we’ve shaded and coloured it.
Of course i gave Dean a good look at it once I’d drawn it on, and he’s ok’d it all, even though there are definitively some more modern elements that have snuck in.  😉

there is a gap under the upper arm, dean is keeping that space for now, He’s planning a family one day and would like to have something added for them. I bet he can’t keep a gap like that for so long, ha!

In case you’re wondering about the black backgrounds to the pictures, Alex has painted a section of the wall in the studio black as a backdrop, let’s hope it helps us take better pictures!

thursday 5th may

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I’m back from holiday, and straight in at the deep end with a weegie Thursday  😀
it was great to see everyone again, Mark, Simon, Tim, Erik, Raffi and Bru, I’m blessed to have a job I love and work with great people, makes coming back after a holiday something to look forward to!

Unfortunately I lost my camera whilst away, so I’ll be using my phone whilst i get another one sorted, which will be in the next few days hopefully. Excuse the image quality until then, but you’ll be used o that by now if you are a regular to my blog, unfortunately…

I added a Buddha head to a piece that was done by an artist in Thailand originally, but there was a gap under the arm that needed filling. On closer inspection, the whole piece needs a bit of a face lift, so he’s booked in for more time to do that. The part we started today also isn’t finished yet

then the bougainvillea piece we’ve been working on, it’s all there now, but we’ll have another session to tweak bits here and there and maybe add a couple of tendrils. it goes a bit round the front of the leg, too, I’ll see about getting a decent picture of it next time