wednesday 25th may

Posted: 31/05/2011 in Uncategorized

weegie wednesday for me today, working with Tim, Mark, Simon and Raffi, Bru is still in Italy, we hope the ash clouds lets her come home ok!

sean was in a while couple of years ago when we started his tattoo, and now he was keen to get it extended. The design was taken from an antique opium pipe from Vietnam, it had script and simple horses on it. here’s a scan of it, but actually it’s cylindrical

we had to chop and change the design to fit the elbow area, and fitiing it all together took so long that we ran out of time to tattoo it all, next time, but we got the main features outlined at least, with the other transfers ready to be reapplied next time

then i started an open sleeve of roses and a skull, with ‘pinstriping’ ornamental black. We got to sketch on the outlines of it all and next time I’ll finish the pinstriping and then start on shading the roses and skull


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