tuesday 24th may

Posted: 24/05/2011 in Uncategorized

back at work today, but really just a half day to ease me back in as it turns out. My first customer had to cancel on me, and Chick, who was in afterwards, only had some touching up of the black to be done here and there.

I’m still not 100% over this hacking cough and blocked nose that’s been plaguing me the whole week in Hamburg, so I didn’t really mind taking it a bit easy  😀

Chick’s been in Europe on tour, playing the bagpipes in his band so much that he’s ended up with infected lungs, so he’s got himself some electric bagpipes that don’t require so much blowing… I didn’t even know they existed!
But due to his infection and temporary poor health, it must have suited Chick that we were nearly done with his piece, for now anyway- he’s planning on some plate armour next but needs Roz to do some lasering first.

we had time to go over an old pictish symbol, the double disc and z-rod, on his head that he’d had done a few years ago by another artist

and here’s the dragon backpiece, I took a photo before I added the last of the shadowy bits to avoid having red patches all over he piece in the final picture. Then i took another photo once i was done anyway, so I’ll show you both

and a healed one of some of his chain maille

and now that I’m reunited with my camera cable, I can finally show you the voodoo koala bear I did, sitting on a female tree branch
completely bonkers, but i love it!

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