friday 20th may last day at Jungbluth

Posted: 24/05/2011 in Uncategorized

Yep, this was my last day of this guest spot, and I wasn’t going to get off lightly_ early start for me so I was the first one in the shop, and a good 9 hours of tattooing ahead of me with no scheduled breaks.
If I come back to d another guest spot, I think I’d like to be more involved with the booked appointments before the day, I’m used to fairly extensive consultations and preparation with the customer, so this blind date type of system is a bit stange for me. Obviously It’s hard for the receptionists to know how I like to work, so overall they did a great job booking me stuff that I’ve enjoyed stylewise. Maybe next time some breaks and some email contact with the customers beforehand would be perfect.

My first piece turned out to be a cover up, luckily the old piece was so faded that it wasn’t hard to cover, and some strong blue did the job.
I remembered to take a photo of the old one just before the colour went in

then a girl’s first tattoo, some pink magnolia flowers on her waist, a painful place to start your collection but she did great.

then the studio owner Charly had an old tattoo I did 20 years ago and we thought it was time to freshen it up a bitย  ๐Ÿ˜†
I was only starting out tattooing when I did this, Charly and me were young punks together back in the day and this all seemed like a good idea. I still like the idea, 20 years later!
You can see Kris in the second picture looking strangely glum ๐Ÿ˜†

Laura and Roz arrived in Hamburg today, they had booked the weekend off work to come and join me for the last couple of days and check out the Jungbluth studio and it’s wonderful staff.
They had the day to roam about St Pauli while I was working, and in the evening Charly and his girlfriend took us to some bars in the area, they certainly know how to party here!
We’ve also had a BBQ with the some of the staff here where we all got to have a good natter and round up the week.
They are all asking if I’m coming back, and I’m sure I will. It’s been great seeing how another studio works, and they have all made me feel very welcome indeed, special thanks go to Charly, Miez, Kris, Jan and Markus

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