wednesday 18th may

Posted: 20/05/2011 in Uncategorized

another day at Jungbluth studio, and as promised I’ve uploaded a video of where I’m staying onto youtube for you to see, excuse the crappy filming, It was done on my phone which can’t handle the light changing quickly, so you get plunged into darkness occasionally, but you’ll get the idea hopefully

I left the ‘Atelier’ as they call the custom studio (as opposed to the street shop where the reception is and where I’m working) I went on the hunt for a cable in the neighbourhood.
I’m bad for forgetting things when I’m packing, and this time was no exception… of the 6 cables I had to take with me to Hamburg I left three behind. My camera is useless without it’s connecting cable, just as well I’ve got the phone camera. Luckily I was able to borrow a clip cord from the studio, and for the first couple of days there was a spare kettle lead, but as of today I needed my own, so off I went.
I wandered about and came across an Aladdin’s cave of spare cables, baskets and baskets of them, in a dodgy second hand electrical equipment shop. Good to know! I think I’m going back there today to see if he’s got a cable for my ipod  😀

Down at the street shop we had another guest working alongside me, a Hungarian man called Kris, he comes along regularly, knocks his pan in for 12 hours a day for a few days, and leaves again. Seems to be a work hard/play hard kind of guy,  very nice but doesn’t say too much. I’ll see if I can get some more chat out of him today, there must be some topic that gets him going haha!

My first piece of the day was adding some lilies to an existing piece of tribal on the lower back. I decided to bring the tribal up into the lilies and make it look more organic and in keeping with the new floral theme.

then I’d been booked a continuation f some tribal, this piece had started out a collection of dense pieces designed on paper by the tattooist a good while ago, then someone had added some more flowing bits to it, and now she wanted to extend it over onto her shoulder.
This presented us with the problem- do we continue with the slightly scrappy and disjointed looking design to stay in keeping with what’s there or add something that looks a bit different but flows better? we decided on a bit of both in the end, a bit scrappier than I’d normally draw some tribal, but a bit more graceful than the existing piece. There was going to be some colour added, but we ran out of time

Next time you have to fill out one of our consent forms before you get tattooed or pierced, spare a thought for yur german counterparts, they have a 4 PAGE form to complete every time! That’s german thoroughness for you  😆

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