thursday 19th may

Posted: 20/05/2011 in Uncategorized

back in the Jungbluth studio, and today they’d booked me just one customer, but he was there for the whole day, and we had plenty of work to get stuck into.
This was the situation, Marko had been getting lasered at the studio (Jungbluth have a laser service, like Tribe) to get rid of an old tribal piece, but he als had an old dragon snaking around his arm that needed to be incorporated


Marko liked japanese flowers and water, so he’d come to the right person!
Here’s the problem though- to do the piece justice required more time than we had, so I knew this wasn’t going to be finished today, there’s only so much you can do in 6-7 hours…
My plan was to draw it all on, outline it, then put the background in to make sense of all the lines, and to leave the obvious bits like colouring in a flower for example til last. Another tattooist can easily see what’s required if they are presented with the outline of a flower, but if you’ve ever seen what my background sketch lines look like, you’ll know that they only make sense to me  😆

We powered ahead, only stopping for me to have the odd coughing fit (bloody cold) and got a whole load done. We even managed to get some colour in one of the flowers, but Marko had had enough after 6 hours pretty much non stop tattooing and dind’t fancy getting started on another one, can’t really blame him when you look at which parts of the arm were still left to do! Hat’s off to him for sticking it that long

Tomorrow is my last day at Jungbluth studio, they’ve certainly put me to work, (I’m not used to working 5 days in a row as I take thursdays off for artwork and paperwork) but they have given me saturday off, nice! Specially as I’ve got Roz and Laura coming to visit me for the weekend before we all go home together on monday. So after friday’s work it’s party time! Spend those euros!  😀

Oh, and I’ve discovered what get’s Kris the hungarian tattooist talking- tattoo machines! He LOVES to chat about them, just as well I don’t mind a bit of nerding out over tattoo machines myself, ha!

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