friday 13th may

Posted: 15/05/2011 in Uncategorized

happy friday 13th, all!

I spent most of mine in Tribe 1, with Rob, George and Tiddy, I’m only in that studio once a fortnight, but I really enjoy Tribe 1 and the Southside with all it’s shops and characters  😀

Phil was last in for work in November, sometimes life does that to you and you just don’t get the time. I’m not sure when I’ll see him again, so i concentrated on the larger fields of colour and left any detailing to next time.
sorry about the blood, it’s making the blues look black! oops, shoulda wiped it off

then i started a sleeve on steven, we’d originally planned on outlining a half sleeve on the forearm, as the tiger’s head was going to get lasered and we were going to get to the upper arm later. In the meantime Steven had decided he’d like to keep the tiger’s head, so i suggested we add a body and have the tiger wading through the water.
I hope his wife isn’t mad with me, as this is going to be quite a bit more work than anticipated  😆
I drew on the design and luckily we had enough time to line it all

at the end of the day i had Nikki in to get a couple of bits touched up on her cherry blossom piece. As we weren’t going to be long, she agreed to stay sitting up instead of lying down, and that was great for me. The skin was stretched nice and tight and i could get a good look at the design and how it had healed. Ideally the customer should really be sitting up and leaning forward to get this part of the body tattooed, but if fainting and dizziness is a problem, obviously that isn’t an option

sorry for the blurry picture here


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