wednesday 11th may

Posted: 12/05/2011 in Uncategorized

glasgow day for me, joined in Tribe 2 by Mark, Tim, Simon,Raffi, and later on by our new girl Maggie!
Maggie is set to be our new relief receptionist, taking over when mark is away or busy with other things like taking care of the body piercing side of things. We’ve needed another receptionist in T2 for a while, Tim used to step in when needed, but now he’s getting busy with tattooing so he’s not so up for it. maggie is used to a busy reception job, she works part time in A&E in the hospital on reception, so she’s well equipped to deal with anything you guys can throw at her  😆

John and his babylonian backpiece got more work done to the hanging garden that we started at the tattoo convention, this will be repeated on the other side of his back with the pool turning into a small waterfall through the middle

and the lovely Hazel got her cover up finished, this will grow up and over her shoulder a bit, and down her back at a later date


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